Passing on the music and dance traditions that have given me inspiration is hugely important to me. I am available to lead group sessions or give one on one tuition, and am happy to tailor lessons to your interests. Specialities include (but are by no means limited to) music for fretted strings, Bodhran and traditional percussion, the traditional music of Ireland, and circle dances of Brittany, Cornwall and the Channel Islands.

Please get in touch via email with any enquiries and I will be more than happy to answer questions and discuss ideas.

One to one tuition

I enjoy working as a one to one instrumental teacher or mentor to help individuals develop specific aspects of their technique, or to focus on their broader musicality as an area for development.

Having learnt in the oral tradition I use those same techniques in my teaching, tending to focus on learning by ear and a more organic than theoretical approach.

I do of course make use of notation and written theory when appropriate and helpful to an individual student.

Workshops, community & outreach

As a workshop leader I have delivered interactive participatory music sessions in a variety of different settings, and work regularly on the Live Music Now music outreach scheme.

Settings have included SEN and mainstream schools, hospital wards, residential care homes, and day care centres.

For every session I always take into account the specific needs of the audience or group I am working with, and make sure that the workshop is appropriate and enjoyable for them in that environment.

Tunelink South West

In 2017 I founded Tunelink South West, a community music project and family business run by myself and Griselda Sanderson. Tunelink was set up in order to increase engagement with traditional music and culture in South Devon, and to create connections and opportunities for sharing these things between communities of musicians, dancers, venues and members of the public.

Tunelink TradFest at Ashburton Arts Centre, July 2019.

We maintain a rolling programme of evening classes, public ceilidh dances and one off workshops throughout the year. Please visit our social media page and send any enquiries to tunelinksouthwest@gmail.com or directly to me.

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