About me

I am a multi-instrumentalist and singer specialising in fretted string instruments including cittern, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo and tambura. Please explore this website, where you can hear lots of my music, see some videos and read about my background and creative processes. If you would like to get in touch then please do so via music.bingham@gmail.com

My music takes in elements from as far apart as the Celtic fringes, the Appalachian mountains, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and North Africa, and anywhere else that people still make music together as a way of life.

I love to discover new traditions, and believe that sharing music, song and dance between different cultures is one of the most important things we can do.

I have provided music for circus and theatre productions, work as an instrumental teacher and workshop leader, play for and promote regular ceilidh and dance events, and am a key member of the multi cultural world music group Meridianum Ensemble.

My base is my native Devon, in the green hills just outside Totnes.