Working with others from different disciplines is an essential part of my life. I am deeply grateful to the many fine creative minds I have met over the years: musicians, singers, dancers, puppeteers, illustrators, photographers, clowns, story tellers, wood carvers and many many more too numerous to list. It is one of the great privileges in an artist’s life to meet with so much inspiration.

Here are some of my current and past projects…

Meridianum Ensemble

Six piece world music super group showcasing musicians from Portugal, the UK and Morocco, and incorporating repertoire from medieval Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Featuring Soufian Saihi (Oud), Nuno Silva (Santur), Steve Tyler (Hurdy Gurdy), Gris Sanderson (nyckelharpa & violin), Ricardo de Noronha (percussion) and Louis Bingham (cittern, tambura, bass guitar).

Visit our social media page for updates and more about the group.

Flying with Strings

A new puppetry and live music project in partnership with puppeteer and maker Sarah Vigars, this show explores themes of migration and travel through the lens of our shared love of birds.

It began as a series of short films showcasing Sarah’s puppets and music I had put together to accompany them, then we began to fashion those ideas into a live performance.

We have since performed in a number of schools in Devon, at the Exeter Phoenix arts centre, and at the Still Curious puppetry gathering in Goran Haven, Cornwall. The show is adaptable for many settings, and plans are in development to take it on the road in 2022.

With thanks to Make Southwest, the Golsoncott Foundation, and The Curious School of Puppetry for support during the development of this show.

Louis Bingham & Griselda Sanderson

A family duo with my mother. We’ve always played music together, and we very much enjoy working as a duo.

Our repertoire of dance music, airs and songs is drawn from the traditions of Ireland and Scotland, Brittany and Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Whinwhistle Hill

A more song oriented ensemble, combining vocals from Phil Hogg and myself with resonant instrumentation. This dynamic trio takes audiences on a winding journey across oceans, along rivers and over snowy peaks.

Phil Hogg: piano & voice – Louis: cittern & voice – Gris: nyckelharpa and fiddle

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