Solo work

Though I love the endless possibilities of sound and sonic palette when combining different instruments, there is also something magical about a good performance from an individual player. Solo arrangements of music for my chosen family of fretted string instruments have therefore been a focus of mine for some years.

The flat pick

“Buen Camino” original composition for
10 string cittern
“The Big Sciote” trad. north American arranged for open tuned guitar

These two recordings were made during a session in early 2020, and focus on flatpicking techniques as applied to traditional tunes and trad inspired compositions.

Finger-style & open tunings

More recently I have been working on a body of material based around a hybrid finger-style technique combined with some less commonly used open tuning systems for steel string guitar. The source material is drawn primarily from the Irish tradition, with two examples given in the videos above both recorded in the spring of 2021.

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